Always remember a life well lived…

Funeral Flowers Joahhesburg

When faced with loss, very little has the power to console.  Words seem inadequate to express the sadness we feel; yet we have a deep need to comfort those who are left behind.

Although not sufficient, the gesture of flowers, at the time of mourning, is a token of solidarity and heartfelt mark of respect.  It is a sign to those who mourn that they are in not alone, comforting them in their time of sadness.

Senses offer a complete range of sympathy and funeral flowers.  Hand-picked by our experienced florist, our sympathy flowers are designed with simplicity in mind.  Our funeral wreaths, sprays, floral baskets and inside pieces, are tastefully arranged to pay tribute to a life well lived.

We realise that it is difficult to select flowers for this occasion and that it is a highly personal choice.  It is therefore our aim to make this process as comfortable as possible and to guide you in choosing the perfect flower combination to reflect the memory of those who have gone.

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Sympathy and Funeral Flowers
When words seem inadequate, flowers will speak louder than words.