Fresh Flower Bouquets

When words fail you, say it with flowers. Regardless of the occasion, an artfully-crafted bouquet remains one of the most popular gifts, as it carries a powerful message in its beauty.  Using only the best flowers, hand-picked for aesthetics as well as quality, we at senses will help convey your message.

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Fresh Choice Grade Roses
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Beautiful Seasonal Bunches
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Top Choice Grade

At Senses, we offer exquisite ready-to-buy bouquets for our busy on the go clients, as well as personalized bunches on request. These exclusively designed bunches are costed per stem, combining both exotic and indigenous blooms paired with a combination of texture and colour, allowing you to compose a magnificently unique bunch.

Our other offers include anything from our ever popular, extra-large country bunches to petit, water wrapped bouquets and minimalist Avant-Garde compositions.

As we consider flower arranging an art, each bouquet is individually created, putting thought into your request and paying attention to even the smallest detail.  We aspire to present you with more than just flowers, we offer a statement of love, friendship, care and appreciation.

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