”Flowers are a visual expression of love, sympathy and respect. They are means of lending support and sharing the burden of grief“ – Tod van Beck

Express Your Sympathy

When faced with loss, although we want to comfort and support those who are left behind, words seem inadequate to express sadness we feel.  Symbolically flowers represent  a life. Although they don’t last for ever, the memory of them ,as the memory of a loved one will be with us for ever.

Funerals are a time of high emotion and stress , and families are often inundated with gifts of food  and visitors paying respects. Sending flowers, is a good way to express your sympathy , respect and support during this sad time,  without adding to the families burden ,while  at the same time  lifting their spirits .The gesture of flowers, at the time of mourning, is a token of solidarity and heartfelt mark of respect.  It is a sign to those who mourn that they are not alone, comforting them in their time of sadness.

We realise that it is difficult to select flowers for this occasion and that it is a highly personal choice.  It is therefore our aim to make this process as comfortable as possible and to guide you in choosing the perfect flower combination to reflect the memory of those who have gone.

A good way to commemorate someone’s life is to choose their favourite flowers

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